9 Things No One Tells You About Life With a Newborn

1. You can survive off 3 hours of sleep a day

I can’t help but think back on my teenage years when I would sleep in on the weekends until noon. I was convinced that I couldn’t function unless I had a minimum of seven hours of sleep. Having a new baby will add more bags under your eyes than you ever thought you could have. Here’s what else I discovered. As excited as I was about getting to nap during the day (like my pre-school days) I CAN’T! I’m paranoid about sleeping through a moment where my baby needs me.


2. Your stomach is stronger than you thought

I bought every baby product I could think of before my little one arrived, but I underestimated how many baby wipes I would require.  I’m pretty sure that we’ve set records. I used a total of 11 baby wipes for one diaper change. I’ll spare you the details on that one but I will say, breathing through your mouth is a real thing and it WILL be your savour.


3. Your baby will go through more outfit changes than Beyonce

I thought her onesie game was strong, but boy was I off. I can’t believe how fast this child’s laundry piles up. I’ve done more loads of laundry than days she’s been alive. What about my laundry? If I can’t find a stain, it’s my go-to outfit for the day. Need I say more?


4. Everyone is an expert

I’ve been advised on everything from feeding, changing, sleeping, wrapping and bathing. As much as I appreciate that people want to share their wisdom, what drives me nuts is the how contradictory it all is. There’s an argument for every side. Plus, I haven’t had a moment to figure it out for myself. I do believe in a thing called “mother’s intuition.” Would ya let me use it? My best advice for YOU is, do what works best for you and your family. You know what makes your baby happy.

5. You’ll blink and your day will be over

I kiss my husband goodbye in the morning, and before I know it, he’s back again. Kinda makes me wonder how on earth I was able to squeeze in a full day of work. Where the heck do the days go?


6. You become a baby photographer

My phone memory is full, thanks to the hundreds of pictures and video of Aria. I can’t believe how far back I have to scroll to find a pre-baby photo of myself. If this is just the first five weeks, Lord help me going forward.


7. You will worry, A LOT!

The worry started on the drive home from the hospital. I was convinced that going over just one speed bump would snap her neck.  I check her temperature multiple times a day, her pulse, her breathing patterns and I’m watching countless Youtube videos on infant CPR. My thought is that you can never be too careful, especially with newborns but it’s starting to make me a crazy woman.


8. Leaving the house is like Mission Impossible

Long gone are the days of just grabbing my purse and coat before leaving the house. Leaving with a baby requires hours of planning. I have to make sure her feedings and changes are accurately timed and the diaper bag is packed and re-packed. If not, disaster will ensue.

and last but not least…


9. Your baby’s smile will make all the hard times worth it



Ashley Greco
Hey, nice to meet you. I’m new at the whole mom game. Just trying to get it perfect. HA! Impossible, right? I think so too. That’s why I created a place for the Wanna Be Super-Mom. We exist, we’re trying, and although we may not get it right the first time, you better believe we’ll keep working at it.


  1. Great article!!! All soooo true!!! And the leaving the house part 100% accurate but is even harder the older they get and add a sibling honestly somedays i wont even leave its just too much then u need to run home for the nap time why?? Why even leave? Lol!!! Great article!


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