My On-Air Sign Off: LISTEN

Can I be totally honest here? Okay, good! The thought of maternity leave terrified me. I talked and listened to music for a living. I knew leaving, meant a very different life. Of course, I was excited about being Aria’s mom, but I was worried about losing who I am.

My maternity leave was to start on Feb 20th, just after the Family Day long weekend and giving me less than two weeks of rest until Aria’s arrival. However on the evening of Feb 5th, while on air I felt off. I was extreme pain and could barely walk. What was to be a five-minute walk to the parking garage took more like 20 minutes.


The next day I ended up in the hospital and was told I had Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD). When the bones which form the front of the pelvis become unstable and move, causing nerve pain. I was informed to rest and visit with the chiropractor daily to get myself adequately aligned for delivery. I was devastated. Selfishly, because it wasn’t how I imaged leaving the job I loved so much.












It wasn’t until the following week that I got to say my on-air goodbyes.


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