Did you know Semisonic’s “Closing Time” was about birth?

Have I been living under a rock? I remember jamming out to this one in the late 90s and always assumed it was about being kicked out of a bar at closing time. I mean, how many of us heard this one when the bartender yells, “LAST CALL!”?

Turns out, “Closing Time” has a much deeper meaning and it’s beautiful!

Semisonic’s lead singer Dan Wilson wrote the song while his wife was pregnant.

“It’s all about being born and coming into the world, seeing the bright lights, cutting the cord, opening up into something deeper and more universal.”

Dan’s daughter Coco was born three months premature, weighing in at just 11 ounces. She remained in hospital until she was full term. Remember the line “I know who I want to take me home”? Ah starting to make sense now, isn’t it?

WATCH Dan break it all down for us, line-by-line

Well, would you look at that! Bet you’ll think differently about that one when it comes on in the bar now. I know I will.

Can’t wait to see the look on my midwife’s face when I blast this one in the delivery room.

Ashley Greco
Hey, nice to meet you. I’m new at the whole mom game. Just trying to get it perfect. HA! Impossible, right? I think so too. That’s why I created a place for the Wanna Be Super-Mom. We exist, we’re trying, and although we may not get it right the first time, you better believe we’ll keep working at it.


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