INTERVIEW with Style Expert Meredith Shaw -Owning & loving our bods

I turn on the shower, jump in and scrub in a hurry.  I only have five minutes until my hubby leaves for work. He’s watching baby Aria, which means this is the only “me time” I’m gonna get today. My mind instantly starts to race about everything that needs to get done; laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, oh and EVERYTHING BABY! I get out of the shower, avoid the mirror, rummage through the closet just trying to find ANYTHING clean and ANYTHING that fits. That’s it! “Me time” is officially over, yet I haven’t given “me” any love.

I know I’m not alone. The feeling of not recognizing the person looking back at you in the mirror. I was totally comfortable with my reflection pre-baby and even during my pregnancy, so why can’t I love this stage? Truth is, I’m struggling with how to make it work.

That’s why I turned to style expert, Meredith Shaw. Meredith is a not only a very near and dear friend, she’s also leading the charge for body positivity. If you’re someone who struggles with loving the body you have, listen up!





Meredith’s Picks:

Yellow  from dresses to jackets to statement earrings to shoes – YELLOW is everywhere this season

Jumpsuit  Don’t be intimidated by the jumpsuit – it is so flattering to a curvy shape – especially if you’re looking for a fun date night outfit. bonus? it’s ONE piece (quick out the door dressing!)

Florals  LOVE these elevated joggers – stretch and comfort but still LOADS of style (you can pair it with a denim jacket or get the matching motto jacket for a monochromatic style statement

White Denim

Edgy Pastels NOW i know this is very trendy look but an oversized menswear blazer or cropped pant in a pastel are great fashion forward pieces to incorporate IF you’re feeling up to it!

Sheer Fabrics and a WRAP dress is so flattering bc you can alter to your body as your shape changes

Love Meredith’s picks? She has more to share in Canadian Living and on The Marilyn Denis Show
Ashley Greco
Hey, nice to meet you. I’m new at the whole mom game. Just trying to get it perfect. HA! Impossible, right? I think so too. That’s why I created a place for the Wanna Be Super-Mom. We exist, we’re trying, and although we may not get it right the first time, you better believe we’ll keep working at it.


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