We received so many amazing mommy nominations, and although it was difficult to narrow it down, we have a winner

Beverly’s daughter, Caitlin sent in this submission

I’d like to nominate my mother for many different reasons but first and foremost for the kind-hearted and caring woman she is. I imagine that it was difficult for her to let me go all those years ago. As many mommies know, there comes a day when you have to allow your children to pursue their passion, but it must have been terrifying for my mom to watch me move from Ontario to Whistler, B.C at the age of 19 to be a professional snowboard instructor.

I would give anything to feel the wind on my face again, the rush of adrenaline. It’s my past now because my time on the slopes ended in the blink of an eye as the result of a snowboarding accident. After endless weeks of the injury not healing and only progressively getting worse, I had to come back to Ontario for further medical treatment. I knew she would be there to support and nurture me but what I didn’t realize, was how much her love would save my life.

My pain became worse. Her support grew stronger. She took time away from work and life to take me to countless specialist appointments all across Ontario. She was there at every painful treatment I endured, always holding my hand through the excruciating pain and devastating news. With every stop- helping me in and out of the car, getting endless hot packs and hot water bottles for the pain and never giving up hope. Not once!

My injury required surgery, which meant I was getting weaker. After what seemed like an eternity, I was given a diagnosis. Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. For those that don’t know, CRPS is also known as the suicide disease. Pain so severe that it spreads throughout the body and eventually affects the sufferer’s mental state. My pain worsened by the minute and my hope for a cure was dwindling. The only light in my life was my mom. Her positivity picked me up on the worst of days. Her hugs and kisses helped me push forward. At times I felt like living was just not an option. It was her infectious smile and endless love that reminded me of the pain I would cause her should I decide to leave for good.

Her support, positivity, and encouragement are indeed the reasons why I am here today. She’s been there every step of the way with patience, kindness, empathy and understanding. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty- and for that, I am forever grateful. While trying to settle into this new life, I found music. Singing, songwriting and playing the guitar. It was a way to cope and a distraction from everything going on. My mom was the one to push me to pursue a career out of it, which in itself has helped immensely. And I truly wouldn’t have had the courage to do so if it weren’t for her encouraging and supporting me to do so. It’s become the most significant gift in my life.

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If any mother ever deserved a spotlight to be pointed in her direction- it’s this amazing mother to three, Grandma to six (soon-to-be seven). Words will never be able to express my appreciation for that woman for all she HAS done for me, IS doing for me, and I know WILL do for me.

-Caitlin Gale


Beverly sounds like an incredible mommy, and it’s clear she has always put the spotlight on her children. This time the spotlight is on you Beverly. Your many sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.

Happy Mother’s Day, from WANNABESUPERMOM.com.

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