My Review: Medela Sonata Smart Double Electric Breast Pump

Does anyone else love saving time? Yup, that’s me! That’s why I decided to give the Medela Sonata a shot. I was using another pump (which shall remain nameless) and found it was taking way too long. I would breastfeed Aria, put her down for a nap and start pumping. Before I knew it, she was up, and the vicious cycle would start all over again. I was getting nothing done….well, except for keeping a tiny human alive. Why should you go for a double pump? In addition to being a HUGE time saver, research shows that double pumping can increase levels of your milk-producing hormone. So essentially, It takes less time and becomes easier.


The first thing you’re going to notice when you take your Medela Sonata out of the box is its sleek design. This is a “welcome to the future of breast pumps” kinda pump. It’s compact, lightweight and comes with a Touchscreen display with illuminated controls. It makes life easier, especially for those “lights off, one eye open” night pumps.


What really sets the Medela Sonata apart from other pumps is the app connection. It took just minutes to connect the pump via Bluetooth to the MyMedela app. It’s been a huge help in tracking everything from pumping sessions, feedings, diaper changes, sleep and more. With that mommy brain of mine, I need all the help I can get. Thanks for thinking of that one, Medela.

I’m also a big fan of the clock/timer feature. With my last pump, I was tuning out. Okay, more like falling asleep, so I would forget how long I had been pumping. The Sonata clearly displays how long you have pumped each side.

The Sonata features a 2-Phase Expression Technology. The signature Rhythm and The Lifestyle Rhythm, which makes your Sonata even quieter. It also has the exclusive Responsive Pump Technology, which automatically adjusts suction to ensure you’re pumping consistently and efficiently every time. Get this! It senses the environment. Things like altitude and pressure, which can affect pumping. It will always adjust itself to ensure you never lose suction power.


Another feature I love with the Sonata is just how quiet it is. My old pump sounded like one of those vacuum cleaners your grandmother had around in the 80s. Like you can forget making any business calls while that thing was on. With the Sonata I’m able to take important phone calls without anyone knowing that I’m incredible at multitasking. I can also with Aria sleeping in the same room. It’s such a great feature!


Simply put, the Sonata feels different. I experienced next to no tugging, making pumping as enjoyable as it can be. It was extremely gentle and felt so close to nursing. With a choice of 10 suction levels, you’ll be able to find a level that’s most comfortable for you.

Now if you’re like me and you enjoy hands-free pumping, you need to take advantage of Medela’s Easy Expression Bustier. Its Adaptive Stretch Technology and ultra soft material not only makes it super comfy, but it also perfects the fit, even with full bottles.


Its Lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows you 3-4 pumping sessions before needing a charge. It also means you don’t need to be tethered to the wall. Grab that back handle and take it where you need to go.


My biggest regret is that I didn’t start with this pump sooner. I’m in love with its innovative features like the app, the Responsive Pump Technology, clock/timer feature and its whisper-quiet volume. It was mommy brain friendly and extremely comfortable. The Medela Sonata makes pumping a more enjoyable experience. It’s the perfect pump for any multi-tasking, on the go, Wannabe Supermom. For that, it gets my stamp of approval.

Disclaimer: I was given a Medela Sonata Breast Pump to try free of charge. This review is based on my personal experience. Opinions are my own.

Ashley Greco
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